On September 1, 2019, Alyssa Wilson created a group on Facebook.  The sole purpose was to gather female Veterans in one place to compare their personal experiences against a 2014 study conducted by the Disabled American Veterans (DAV); “Women Veterans: The Long Journey Home.”  Alyssa’s motivation to dig deeper was the passing of her childhood friend, Lori, who lost her struggle transitioning out of the Army.  The group grew to over a thousand female Veterans in just a few days.  It was apparent something needed to be done.  On September 5, 2019, Bombshell Patriots was founded.  Our mission to this day has been to raise awareness and advocate for women of service, through camaraderie and education of benefits and resources.


Today our work brings together women of service through our Bombshell Patriots Network, Annual State of Iowa Female Veterans Conference, Outreach State Seminars, and Awareness Fundraisers. We are firm in the belief that more education and advocacy for female Veterans and their families should be widely available, as well as what resources are available to them within their communities. We are working to build relationships with county Veterans Affairs Offices and other Community Partners to serve as a bridge for the Veteran to reach the resources they desperately need.

OUR Mission Statement

Bombshell Patriots raises awareness and advocates for women of service through camaraderie and education of benefits and resources.


OUR Vision Statement

Our work, along with our established partnerships, will raise awareness and advocate for the unique needs of female Veterans by providing resources on our website, our Bombshell Patriots Network, and hosting our annual conference and state seminars. We will facilitate the opportunity for female Veterans to connect with resources and networks within their communities. We will make it known that “No Woman Fights Alone.”


We lovingly refer to our logo as Betty Bombshell. When Alyssa created Bombshell Patriots, she wanted a logo that paid homage to the women that have paved the way by serving in traditional male roles.  Thanks to Marine Veteran and tattoo artist, Justin Driever of Driever Designs. Justin was able to take the inspiration from Rosie the Riveter and the overall attitude of our community to bring Betty to life.


All donations to our 501c3 non-profit go directly back into our resources which include: our conferences, website, and our Bombshell Patriots Network. Donations allow us to meet our mission and vision of bringing women of service together for camaraderie and education of benefits and services available to them. The funds we receive also allow us to grant scholarships to women of service who are unable to attend our conferences due to financial restraints.

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